Corporate philosophy 

Our mission is to provide holistic solutions that go far beyond the basic requirements of functionality and quality design. Responsibility towards nature, the built environment and people is one of our key concerns that make our environmental projects unique and inspiring.

The ordinary gives the world its existence, the extraordinary gives it its value.

[Oscar Wilde]

Purwatt  AG is a leading project developer and general engineering contractor operating in the field of environmental technology, waste treatment and alternative “green” energy with offices and the focus of its activities in western and eastern Europe. We are guided by trends holding promise for the future and, in whatever we consider and do, are mindful of global, economic, political, social and technological change. This ensures that we are able to respond appropriately to changes in market needs and the rapid progress of innovation. Our corporate culture is characterised by accountability towards our clients, society, and our environment as well as a keen sense of individual responsibility on the part of our staff, who combine technical expertise with social competence.

The key focus of our work is on the attainment of a high level of performance and the provision of value to our clients. Our products and services boast compelling design architecture and planning as well as professional execution. We identify needs, formulate project targets, develop workable solutions and implement them with due regard to all relevant influencing factors.

Innovation means ongoing development. For our clients, innovation means added value. Innovation therefore secures market shares and is based on a combination of vision, intelligence, persistence, and a willingness to take risks.

Our range of services is comprehensive. It encompasses all stages of project development from strategic planning to the delivery of turnkey plants as well as operating know-how. It is complemented by services such as project development, investor search, project management, and all types of technical planning required.

Services that cannot be rendered effectively by Purwatt AG staff are supplied by competent outside providers (advisors, plant designers, lawyers, etc.). Our independence permits us to assign the most suitable partners to the development of problem solutions. Our partner networks from which we draw such experts are being cultivated continuously and expanded as dictated by market needs.

Our staff fully identify with the projects they are working on, which guarantees their success. They are proud of their professional qualities. They have courage and a firm belief in their ambitious visions. They are able to put such visions into practice quickly and competently. They are open to new ideas. Because they act flexibly and are always ready to learn. Their convictions have taken to them from success to success. They enjoy what they achieve. They are human.