The technological process

Concern about the future

With the sun You are sure every day. 365 days a year, it brings light into our lives. The light that using solar plants is converted into electricity and not at the last moment into cash.

  1. Solar modules: the absorption of solar light Solar modules absorb sunlight and produce direct current without any emissions
  2. Inverter: conversion of current, inverter DC current produced by the solar modules is converted into alternating current suitable for the network.
  3. Counters: data capture for the generation of electricity Produced in this way electricity can be supplied to the utility grid or be used as an island installation.
  4. Feeding into the grid: the remuneration for Every kilowatt-hour of electricity produced by your installation and supplied to a utility network, guarantees a good profit for 20 years.

For this You can rely

Purwatt delivers only the highest quality equipment and installation that have passed numerous tests

  • Installation in the field, e.g. at solid waste landfills
  • Installation under the roof, such as logistics centers
  • Long-term product warranty and sustainable power generation
  • Trouble-free due to the certified equipment
  • System solutions with customized components that are tailored to individual customer requirements
  • Guaranteed date of commissioning