Landfill degassing

Purwatt is a provider of environmental technology services with extensive experience in all aspects of waste management and the production of renewable forms of energy.

The biological reactions proceeding in landfills produce gases that cause an odour nuisance to the surrounding area. Biogas is also one of the end products of biological treatment processes used by our waste management centres. The use of biogas at existing landfills and at waste management centres is one of our key areas of activity. Purwatt performs the required preliminary investigations and projections, builds and operates the collection system and utilisation facilities and manages supply agreements and maintenance. This is done independently or in co-operation with the local customers.

We apply our know-how already at the design and development stage of the project, we act as a general contractor, raise funds, we operate the facilities and maximum openness and partnership with municipalities, investors and governmental bodies are important for us during the construction of each degassing plant.