Biogas plants

While it is not possible to understand, where will mankind’s energy problems. At the latest after 50 years, fossil fuel depleting. Therefore, there should be developed new processes for the extraction of energy. One such process is the production of biogas. We are talking about a natural and fully renewable source of energy that supplies us with gas, consisting of 50-70% methane, 30-50% carbon dioxide — CO2 < 2% of hydrogen sulphide — H2S, traces of hydrogen and other gases in small quantities. The principle of operation and design of such a biogas installation is quite simple. These settings can be used in agriculture, food industry, and the utilities.

We apply our know-how already at the design and development stage of the project, we act as a general contractor, raise funds, we operate the facilities and maximum openness and partnership with municipalities, investors and governmental bodies are important for us during the construction of each biogas plant.

How is the biogas?

  • in an environment without oxygen, microorganisms decompose organic matter
  • this process occurs in nature, for example, in the stomachs of ruminants or in the swamps
  • this process is simulated in a biogas plant Biogas is formed during anaerobic digestion of: