Mini Hydro Power Plants are preferably built on rivers with a high flow velocity and a large water flow. Water flowing in the river is conducted through a hydro turbine to drain further downstream. Kaplan turbines are most often used at the Mini Hydro Power Plants, as they are suitable for small level differences and high water consumption. The kinetic energy of the water is converted into the mechanical one in the turbine, and then into electrical energy in the generator. Due to the continuous water flow, the electricity is produced 24 hours a day (except for the period of maintenance works).

Mini Hydro Power Plants do not need fuel. This significantly reduces the operating costs compared to other power plants. In addition, there is no burning and no harmful substances and greenhouse gases such as CO2 are emitted, which makes mini hydro power plants environmentally friendly. Mini hydro power plants can be operated without the presence of the personnel on the site, which also affects operating costs.

This leads to the following advantages:

  • absence of exhaust gases
  • absence of fuel costs
  • high efficiency factor
  • low operating costs

Mini Hydro Power Plants produce electricity fairly regularly, except for the possible seasonal fluctuations, and are used to provide the main load of the power system. Mini Hydro Power Plants have an efficiency factor of 80 to 90% and thus work with good efficiency.

We apply our know-how already at the design and development stage of the project, we act as a general contractor, raise funds, we operate the facilities and maximum openness and partnership with municipalities, investors and governmental bodies are important for us during the construction of each mini-hydroelectric plant.

Our projects:

the Republic of Buryatia

The Republic of Buryatia has the largest fresh water reserve in the world – 24 million m3. 336 rivers flow into Lake Baikal.

The total capacity of mini hydro power plants planned by us, which will be built on 10 rivers, will be approximately 20 MW.

Currently we are taking measures to obtain building permits.